High-level meeting

2020 March 4th in Vienna: 

SPIRITUALITY AND Civil Society – the role of Faith based Organization 

towards the EU and the UN

What´s the role of religions in civil society? What can they add to a peaceful development?

Invitation for the high-level meeting to discuss the next steps for an authentic and spiritual role of religions in our common world. We discuss at the panel the next steps toward the foundation of an NGO-academy for more influence in politics and social society.  Which are the relevant themes to target? 

DATE:   March 4th 2020 Vienna, 11 am to 3 pm

1010 Vienna, Stephansplatz 4/IV/21c

Keynote speaker: Peter Herrmann, Research Fellow at the Human Rights Center.
Law School at the Central South University, Changsha, PRC

Moderator: Elmar Kuhn, European Academy of Religions

The Coalition of Faith Based Organizations was founded in October 7th in Vienna.